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Welcome to reisvolverhalen.nl, where we showcase the wonders of North Netherlands. A project dear to me as a half Frysian.

Arriva takes great pleasure in providing regional bus transportation in Fryslân, as well as train services in Groningen and Fryslân. Our aim is to inspire you with the beauty and attractions that North Netherlands has to offer. On this website, you'll find inspiring stories from fellow travelers, the best recommendations for day trips and outings, breathtaking landscapes that you can easily spot from the train or bus, and a behind-the-scenes look into Arriva.




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Februari, 2023

Project website

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As a frontend web designer, I had the privilege of collaborating with a talented backend developer to bring this website to life. Leveraging the power of Laravel and Tailwind CSS, we worked diligently to create a seamless user experience. I take pride in utilizing my skillset to enhance the website's functionality and aesthetics. To ensure a flawless user experience during testing, we developed a script that populates the website mockup with a wide range of images and data from various lists and stock images sourced from Unsplash.

Together, we have crafted a website that not only showcases the charm of North Netherlands but also provides visitors with an immersive and enjoyable online journey. rgb(45 20 110


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