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Defining the brand identity and future vision

As a pivotal member of the creative team at i-Aspect in Utrecht, I had the privilege of spearheading the design, branding strategy, and animations for the website bushuren.nl, a leading service in the bus rental industry for the company POUW in Vianen. This project not only enhanced the digital presence of bushuren.nl but also aligned it seamlessly with their corporate identity and future vision.


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Branding Strategy and Workshop

The journey began with an intensive two-day brand thinking workshop, aimed at deepening our understanding of the client's needs and aligning our design vision with their strategic objectives. Collaborating closely with a talented graphical designer and key stakeholders from bushuren.nl, we crafted a comprehensive brand canvas. This tool became the cornerstone of our design and branding efforts, ensuring consistency and clarity throughout the project.

The workshop enabled us to delve into the company's mission and vision, translating these elements into a tangible branding strategy that resonates with the target audience. Our agency's prior knowledge of the client’s intentions provided a significant advantage, allowing us to tailor our approach to meet their specific expectations and industry demands.

Design and Creative Execution

Leveraging the insights gained from the brand canvas, I led the overall website design, ensuring that every element reflected bushuren.nl’s brand identity. The design process was characterized by a series of iterative steps, where continuous feedback from the client was incorporated to refine and perfect the user interface and user experience. This iterative design process not only enhanced the aesthetic appeal of the website but also improved its functionality and user engagement.

The branding elements were carefully chosen to evoke professionalism and reliability, essential qualities for a service-oriented company like bushuren.nl. The color scheme, typography, and layout were designed to be visually appealing yet functional, ensuring easy navigation and a pleasant browsing experience for all users.

Animation and Interactive Features

A key highlight of the project was the custom animations I developed, which brought life to the website. These animations were strategically implemented to guide users through their journey on the site, enhancing user engagement without compromising the loading speed or functionality. The interactive elements of the website were designed to be intuitive, providing users with a seamless and responsive interface that facilitated easy access to information and booking capabilities.

Impact and Client Satisfaction

The redesigned website for bushuren.nl significantly boosted their online presence and customer interaction. Post-launch analytics demonstrated a noticeable increase in user engagement and conversion rates, directly attributable to the enhanced design and user experience. The client expressed immense satisfaction with the final product, particularly praising the alignment of the website’s new look with their strategic vision and the dynamic animations that distinguished their platform from competitors.

This project stands as a testament to the power of effective branding combined with innovative design to create a compelling online presence that truly resonates with its audience. Through this collaboration, we not only met but exceeded the expectations of bushuren.nl, delivering a product that effectively captures the essence of their brand and drives their business forward.


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