About Bart


2019 - 2020

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About the project

About the project

I have always been amazed by ripples in water. Taking a hidden force through time and space. When we hear sound, our ears transfer sound waves into something recognisable. My idea for this project to create the connection between what we see and what we hear. If we can see these sound waves, in an encapsulated space. My goal was to craet and combine this with music.


Project management, designer


Betweter Festival


2019 - 2020

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Visible frequencies

Low frequencies, travel slower than higher frequencies. Lightness travels the fastest. To be able to visualise frequencies through color, I came up with the following rules. Low frequencies should be lower colors, like purple and blue, should be darker. Hearing different soundwaves (the lower frequencies, the bass, they have a darker feel to me. Yellow, as one of the 3 colors we percieve as humans, contains the most saturation and brightness. To pass these colors as the higher frequencies.

About the space

An encapsulating hexagonal sphere

Option A

Hexagons are formed as a spherical 'roof' above the dancefloor.

Option B

The Hexagons are attached on the ceiling as a hanging piece.


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    Where Are You Now

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